Sonja Der, principal solutions strategist at Bridge Performance Coaching, has over 20 years of leadership and coaching experience in various capacities paired with sharp intuition. Added to this, Sonja now brings 3 years of targeted recruiting, hiring, and staffing management to the table.


Bridge Performance Coaching meets you where you are, quickly assesses problem areas, and recommends practical strategies to overcome the challenges standing in the way of you reaching your performance goals for your business. Challenges are identified through strategic discussion, strength assessments, and intuition. Realistic, achievable - yet stretching - goals are set and an accountability plan is offered.


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VISION STATEMENT: To be the premier provider of cutting-edge solutions for closing the staffing performance gap in small businesses.


I am an entrepreneur with an extensive leadership and coaching background.  I first discovered my coaching strengths when I began regularly receiving requests from personal and professional associates to “pick my brain.”  A close friend eventually asked me to meet with her husband to help him flush out the overwhelming schedule he was wrestling with.  This request turned into a coaching relationship per his request.  This first coaching relationship was born in 2007, and has since grown primarily via word-of-mouth. 


Bridge Performance Coaching was officially originated in 2015.  Since then I have had the pleasure of working with a myriad of small business owners, franchise owners, corporate executives, non-profits, teams and  individuals. For the first time in my career, I have found my sweet spot by combining my dual passions for coaching and strategically empowering fellow leaders.


What Are My Qualifications?


  • I bring 23 years of varied leadership experience paired with keen intuition, polished communication skills, negotiation & mediation experience, problem-solving savvy, and HR management to the table. Because of my intuition and understanding of people dynamics, I am a successful recruiter specializing in matching candidates with employers for an optimal culture fit.

  • Specific degrees and certifications include:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology (Indiana University of PA/1989)

    • Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (University of Maryland/1991)

    • Certified Conditioning Specialist (National Sports Performance Association/2000)

    • Leadership Coaching Certification (Ministry Insights/2016)

    • Leading From Your Strengths Assessment Certification (Ministry Insights/2016)

    • HR Essentials Training (Society for Human Resource Management/2017)



  • Leadership Positions include:

    • Director of Speech-Language Pathology Services (Manor Care/1994)

    • Director of Operations for Neurological Rehabilitation Unit (Medbridge/1995)

    • Leadership Council (Seneca Creek Community Church/2003)

    • Director of Small Groups (Seneca Creek Community Church/2005)

    • Director of LEAP (Home School Organization/2007)

    • Leadership Coaching (Varied/2007) 

    • Volunteer Coordinator (Home School Theater Program/2010)

    • Director of Small Groups (Seneca Creek Community Church/2014)

    • Small Business Launch (December, 2015)



Why Hire Sonja Der and Bridge Performance Coaching?


Why hire me to assist you in your leadership role? Here’s what those I’ve coached have said:


  • “After several sessions with Sonja, I started to feel better about myself and realized she could very well put my department and me on the right course.  The change in their attitudes, initiative, and performance has been more than I ever could have imagined. Sonja’s ability to gain their trust and guide them through this process in a non-threatening manner I believe has been a major part of the success we have seen to this point.  She has made navigating through this process rewarding for me and helped renew my confidence.  The transformation has been wonderful.”  -Marriott

  • “Sonja has an uncanny and innate ability to see precisely wherein lies a particular leadership challenge and work through solutions that are specific, attainable, and fitting with an individual’s working style, skills, and personality.”  -Seneca Creek Community Church

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Bridge Performance Coaching & Recruiting offers:

  • Identification of staffing performance gaps 

  • Staffing reorganization

  • Improved business bottom line by harnessing and unleashing the full performance potential of every person in your organization

  • Decreased wasted time and energy by effectively and efficiently channeling individual and team efforts

  • Strengths assessment with follow-up and accountability

  • Team building


Flexible meeting times and locations


With personal debriefing


Developing a measurable strategic plan


Customized for you


We're with you every step of the way to ensure your success!